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Frequently Asked Questions​

How do I set my ENS name as my username on Twitter?​

Twitter hasn't yet integrated support for ENS names, so you'd simply type them in as your profile name.

For help on how to set the Twitter username, see

Why are only some ENS names selectable as NFT Profile Pictures?

Twitter Blue rolled out support for NFT avatar's in their iOS apps. This feature is in a beta phase and currently only supports NFT's linking to .png and .jpg .jpeg images.

In the old metadata service operated by OpenSea .png images were rendered for ENS names. These are the names you see in various colours.​

Old avatar

New avatar

In the new metadata service all names now show up with a blue background with a more modern design.

In ENS new metadata service .svg (vector) images are rendered for previews with a rasterization end-point for .png images.

Since Twitter grabs their NFT metadata from OpenSea instead of from ENS Metadata service, the rasterization end-point isn't used, so only ENS names that still has cached metadata from OpenSea's Metadata Service are selectable.

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