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Can I register names other than .eth?

Yes! You can import any DNS name that has DNSSEC-enabled into ENS. Please refer to our guide for more detail.

How much does it cost to register a .eth name?

Currently, registration costs are set at the following prices:

Number of characters


Annual fee

5+ characters



4 characters



3 characters



3 and 4 character names have 'premium' pricing to reflect the small number of these names available. Recently released names will also have a temporary premium.

What is a temporary premium?

If a name is recently released it will have a temporary premium to prevent squatters snatching names.

To give fair opportunity, the premium starts at $100,000,000 and reduces to $0 over 21 days.

I'm stuck during registration, what should I do?

At step 1

If you sped up your transaction you will need to refresh the page, as the app cannot detect this.

At step 2

The countdown timer may take up to an additional minute to allow the blockchain to progress.

  • Note that if you leave step 2 for more than 7 days your registration will reset and you will need to start again from step 1.

At step 3

This step may fail when the USD price for a name changes and you haven't registered with enough ETH. Please try the transaction again.

  • Note that if you leave step 3 for more than 24 hours your registration will reset and you will need to start again from step 1.

Is it safe to refresh or leave the page during registration?

Yes, it is safe to refresh the page or close the browser once step 1 transaction is complete.

However you cannot switch to different devices or machines because it needs a locally stored “secret” which will be used at step 3. Please also do not delete browser history during the registration.

I cannot see my names in my wallet or NFT marketplaces

Many wallets and sites fetch metadata from OpenSea and there may be delays when OpenSea is under heavy load.

As long as you can see your registered name under Names when connected to the ENS app, or your ETH address in the name's records, your name is registered successfully.

My new name already has records. Is this a bug?

When names are transferred, resold, or released, they do not lose their existing records. It is safe to update or remove these records.

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