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Why are some of my names shown as a jumble of characters?

Names are stored as a hash on-chain that are then decoded using a list of possible names. If it cannot be matched to a name you will instead see the hash.

You can still access and manage the name if you search for the name directly in the search bar.

I lost access to the Ethereum account that owns a name I registered. Can I still extend its registration period?

Any Ethereum account can pay to extend the registration of any ENS name, though doing so will not change ownership of the name.

How do I unregister my name?

Names cannot be unregistered until they expire and their grace period runs out. However, there are some steps that can be taken to remove functionality or ownership.

  • Removing your address records means that people can no longer look up your address with the name.

  • You can remove a primary name from settings.

  • You can transfer ownership to a burn address (eg: 0x0000…dead).

Keep in mind that nothing can erase the fact that you owned a name in the past as it is all on chain. Names will also become available for registration again, once they expire.

I registered names before 2019 May. Can I have my deposit back?

Yes, you can get your deposit back from whether you extended the registration of the name or not.

Please remember that the amount you will receive is the amount of the second-highest bidder (unless you were the only bidder).

For example, if you bid 1 ETH and the second highest bidder bid 0.1 ETH, you deposited 0.1 ETH and you have already received the remaining (0.9 ETH) when you finalised the auction.

Therefore you can now only reclaim 0.1 ETH back. Please read the the initial guide back in 2017 for more detail.

How can I get more support?

To get in touch with us use the chat widget at the bottom right of this page. This is the best place for any support questions.

You can also join our community through Discord or the DAO Governance forums. For technical information you can visit our documentation.

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