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Set a Manager of an Unwrapped ENS Name
Set a Manager of an Unwrapped ENS Name

How to set the manager of an ENS name.

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An unwrapped ENS name refers to a name is not wrapped in the NameWrapper contract. The name only exists as an ERC-721. These ENS names have both an owner and a manager. Sometimes these two records will have different wallet addresses. This is common in the case of acquiring an ENS name from a secondary market. Only the owner record changes to the new owner's wallet, while the manager record stays the same. In this case, the manager wallet might still be the previous owner's wallet!

Let's look at some important information about these two roles.

Owner - In the Legacy ENS Manager App, the Owner was known as the Registrant.

  • Can transfer ownership of the name to another wallet.

  • The owner also can update the manager.

  • The owner cannot update records for the name like the ETH address (where funds are received).

  • Cannot create subnames.

Manager - The Manager was known as the Controller.

  • Cannot transfer ownership of the name.

  • Can update all the records like the ETH Address, Avatar, Contenthash, etc.

  • Can set a new manager.

  • Can create subnames.

Updating the Manager When Only the Owner

If your ENS name has a manager wallet address that is unfamiliar to you, then you will want to update this record right away. There are use cases to have a separate manager wallet, for instance you want the ownership of the name in a hardware wallet, and be able to edit the records using a hot wallet (a different address). There are two methods to do this.

Method 1: Upgrade your name to the NameWrapper contract.

Wrapping the name will make the owner the only wallet that is able to update the records. In other words there is no more manager for the name. The owner will have this role. Your wallet will be issued the ERC-1155 version of the name.

Click on the "More" tab while viewing your name.

Then click "Wrap Name".

Method 2: Replace the manager with another wallet address (usually your own).

This method will not upgrade your name to the NameWrapper. You will still have a separated owner and manager role. Your ENS name will remain an ERC-721.

Click the "Send" button on the "More" tab while viewing your name.

Toggle on just the manager. Since your wallet is already the owner you can keep that option off.

Input your wallet address in the "Send to" field. Most users will want to put their wallet address here and not the ENS name. This is in case your ETH Address does not yet point to your own wallet!

Now that the wallet you control is the manager, you will be able to update your name's records.

Be sure to view the ETH Address record and confirm that it is pointing to your own wallet. If it is not, any Ethereum tokens sent to yourname.eth will arrive in that wallet! For more information on setting the ETH Address record, see: The ETH Address record

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