Where is the Manager role?
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When you register a name on app.ens.domains it is automatically wrapped in the name wrapper contract.

  • "Unwrapped" names have both Manager and Owner Roles.

  • "Wrapped" names have only the Owner role.

    • And the Owner has all the permissions to update name records.

Subnames - both wrapped and unwrapped - have a Manager role only

From the Wrapped States Article

Unwrapped Names

The name exists and has not expired (in the case of .eth second-level names). The Name Wrapper contract does not have ownership over the name. You own the name in the registry and/or .eth registrar.


The Name Wrapper contract has ownership of the name (in the registry/registrar). You are issued an ERC-1155 NFT in return, which proves that you are the actual owner.

You can unwrap the name at any time, which burns the ERC-1155 NFT, and returns ownership in the registry/registrar back to you.

Learn More in the Name Wrapper Overview

What does it look like in the app?


Unwrapped Name

Has Owner & Manager.

Has Owner & Manager

Wrapper state is unwrapped.

Has 'Wrap Name' button.


Wrapped Name

Has Owner only.

Has Permissions-tab

Has Owner only.

Has Permissions-tab

Wrapper state is "wrapped".

Has "Unwrap" button.

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