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How do I stay safe in ensdomains Discord?
How do I stay safe in ensdomains Discord?

Essential tips and best practices for staying safe in the ENS Domains Discord server.

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Server Invites

You can join the ENS Domains Discord server exclusively through

We do not use direct invite links. This is for the safety of all members and our community.


Before diving in, it's a good idea to take a look at the 🤝⎪server-rules to familiarise yourself with our community guidelines.

Get support

The ENS Discord server offers two ways to get support:


  • For general questions about ENS, our friendly support team is available to assist you with anything from domain registration to troubleshooting common issues.


  • For more private or complex issues, you can open a support ticket with our moderators for personalised assistance.

Support Mods

When using the ENS Domains Discord server, it's important to recognise official support team members. You can identify them by checking their profiles and roles.

  • Support Mods: Members of our support team will have the role "support-mod."

  • ENS Labs Team: Official team members from ENS Labs will carry the role "ens-team."

In the "Member list panel," you will see "ens-team" and "support-mod" members who are online and visible.

Impersonation & Fake accounts

Fake accounts and impersonators are rampant throughout discord. Always verify the 'roles' of those you are engaging with, and understand that we will only provide discord support inside of our server - not in your DMs.

Please note that users with roles such as "Primary-set," "dot-eth-holder," "connected," and "members" are community participants and not part of the official support or ENS team.

Mods will never DM you

Support mods will never DM you or send a friend request. If you receive a request like this it is most likely a scam.



To provide efficient support in the ENS Domains Discord server, we have integrated the HOPPER bot. This tool assists users quickly by using our comprehensive support documents and referencing past moderator responses to deliver information.

HOPPER is designed to be helpful, though it is not 100% accurate. We suggest double-checking important information with a support mod.

How to turn off DMs

Turning off direct messages (DMs) for the Discord server is an important safety measure to protect from potential threats. We recommend that you disable DMs for the ensdomains Discord server - it's also a good practice for other servers. To do so:

1. Right-click on the server logo.

2. Click on Privacy Settings.

3. Toggle off Direct Messages.


How can I report scams or phishing attempts?


See links in our Official sites article, including &

In the ensdomains server you can use the "❌|report-scam" channel, or the "🎟|create-a-ticket" channel for private sharing with mods

For the safety of other users, it's best to avoid pasting the hyperlinks of scam sites, and instead share text only.

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