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Normalization FAQ
Updated over a week ago

When will the new normalization rules be released?​

The new normalization standard was proposed to the ENS DAO and formally accepted by the DAO with unanimous support on June 18th, 2023:

What happens to names made invalid under the new rules?​

ENS names that becomes invalid under the new name normalization rules will have their registration fees refunded, provided that the name was registered using the official ENS Manager App.

This will happen in a batch transaction sent automatically to affected users wallets and not on a case-by-case basis. After the normalization rules have been released and we can determine which names have been made invalid, there'll be a proposal in the ENS DAO to outline the details for the refund process.

I registered an invalid name and I can't manage it​

Invalid names cannot be managed or renewed using the official ENS Manager App and are entirely unsupported.

Some third-party tools have limited functionality to manage them:

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