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Search Bar & Name Status
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Searching for your web3 username

Search for a name on

Start by entering the desired name in the search bar. Review the availability status displayed next to the name, and if the .eth name is available, you can proceed to register it.

Follow the on-screen instructions, or review the How to Register guide.

Name Status



.eth name is available for registration

A wallet or contract address

Example: 0x4976fb...BaBa41

Name is already registered
โ€‹Example: 184.eth

A DNS name that has been imported


Any valid DNS TLD, 2LD, or possible 2LD, that has not been imported onchain yet

This refers to the "state" of a name - in that a subname is owned by it's parent, or a DNS-in-ENS is owned by the DNS owner.

It does not refer to your ownership of a name.

A subname that does not exist / has not been created.

Example: thissubnamedoesnotexist.184.eth

.eth name has fewer than 3 characters and cannot be registered.

Example: 18.eth

Is not a valid TLD.

Example: 184

Others Warnings

The name entered is invalid.

Examples of this include the use of invalid or disallowed characters, strings or ordering.

More information on valid names in the Normalization articles.

DNS Names

If you would like to claim your DNS name, check out the articles in Collection: DNS Names:

  • Claim your DNS name

  • Offchain Gasless DNSSEC Names in ENS

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