Coinbase wallet
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Coinbase Wallet is a self-custody wallet, which allows users to manage their own private keys to the wallet and any coins/tokens stored in it.

This standalone wallet app does not require a Coinbase account and is not to be confused with the Coinbase Exchange app which is a separate app and service by the same company.

Frequently Asked Questions

ENS Names Coinbase wallet show as “Unknown”

Coinbase Wallet may rely on OpenSea NFT data endpoints to display information about ENS names. If OpenSea does not have the latest metadata, try refreshing it on their platform.

To learn how to refresh metadata on OpenSea, see

What is the free web3 username Coinbase Wallet offers?

Your username is an ENS name issued by Coinbase that is built upon the ENS decentralized identity infrastructure.

Coinbase offers free usernames in the format of subnames (for example, This is a great service offered by Coinbase with some limitations:

  • Non-transferrable

  • Can’t use the fuse permissions with the NameWrapper.

  • Cannot create your own subdomains.

  • Limited record setup. Not all the records and features are available as they are with .eth ENS names.

To learn about how Coinbase uses with ENS, see:

To learn how to import your own DNS name into ENS, see:

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