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OpenSea is a third-party marketplace run by a separate private company and is unaffiliated with Ethereum Name Service, as such we don't have any access to their systems to fix problems that are isolated to their platform.


If the problem isn't listed on this page or the solutions don't work OpenSea needs to be contacted directly:

OpenSea Support

  • OpenSea Support
    OpenSea's Support ticket system with answers to most questions

  • OpenSea Discord
    OpenSea's Discord chat server with support mods for live help

ENS name doesn't show

While ENS names appear and start working immediately in the ENS app, it can sometimes take a much longer time for them to show on third-party marketplaces because they only update their internal databases every once in a while.

When you're experiencing this issue the ENS names will show up either as a series of digits or as "Unknown ENS name".

To fix this refresh the metadata:

This schedules a refresh of the metadata in OpenSea's internal databases and usually resolves the issue in the next few hours.

If the ENS name still doesn't show up correctly after 24 hours you need to contact OpenSea's support for assistance:

OpenSea shows two identical copies of my ENS name with one having a different owner!

This is an on-going issue with the way OpenSea lists wrapped names. Wrapped names has their ERC-721 NFT sent to the Namewrapper contract and a new ERC-1155 NFT is issued to the user in its place.

OpenSea currently shows both of those NFT's instead of just one which can lead to confusion, and the ERC-721 NFT will show up as having a different owner because it's owned by the namewrapper contract.

We're working with OpenSea to try and resolve this issue to have wrapped names displayed in a more intuitive way, but the good news is that this shouldn't cause any issues apart from two names being visible simultaneously.

In the event you do want to unwrap the name and instead be issued the ERC-721 NFT directly you can do so by following this guide:

OpenSea shows a "Delisted" notice

If the name does not exist at all on OpenSea, you will need to reach out to their #Support to inquire why.

To fix this refresh the metadata:

OpenSea does not allow the name to be listed or sold

Be sure your name has a valid expiration date. ENS names that have expired are not able to be transferred (sold), or have any of their records updated.

Extend the name's registration in the ENS Manager App:

I'm not listed as the owner of my name

If you find that your name shows up on OpenSea, but with someone else as the owner (or without an owner at all) then you'll need to refresh the name metadata on OpenSea.

To fix this refresh the metadata:

Refresh metadata

To schedule a refresh of your ENS Name's metadata in OpenSea, press the "three dots"-button and then refresh metadata:

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