Issue subnames as tickets
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Issue subdomains as tickets to an event

Maybe you have mycoolevent.eth and you want to issue tickets like 1.ticket.2023.mycoolevent.eth.

If you want, you can choose to not Emancipate those subnames, but still burn some custom parent-controlled fuses. Those fuses might:

  • Indicate what "tier" their event ticket is

    • Maybe they can upgrade their ticket to a higher tier, which would burn some additional fuses

  • Allow them access to the express line or some VIP room

    • Maybe even automatically via some smart door

When you burn those fuses, perhaps you also set the expiry to the day after the event ends.

Or, maybe you want your attendees to be able to keep their subnames as a souvenir or proof-of-attendance!

If so, then instead of letting the names expire at the end of the event, you could extend the expiry and burn some additional fuses to allow the attendees to keep them forever! In that case you might want to burn these fuses:


If you want those tickets to be non-transferrable (soulbound to the address that attended), then burn these fuses:


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