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Contacting an owner of an ENS .eth name
Contacting an owner of an ENS .eth name
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About ENS .eth name ownership

ENS .eth names are registered using smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. One way to view the smart contract code is to look at the contract code on Etherscan. For example, here is the link to the current ETH Registrar Controller contract where you can view the smart contract code.

Is there a way to contact an owner of an ENS name?

Ownership addresses associated with an ENS name can be viewed in many places. One way is to use the ENS Manager App to view the wallet address that owns the name. Sometimes names have records that point to social media links, websites, or email addresses. You could check to see if any records are set for the ENS name that would help you contact the owner.

There aren’t any additional records set besides a wallet address, how could I contact the wallet owner?

You could check other ENS names the same wallet may own. One of those, like a Primary ENS name, may have records set up.

ENS names like name.eth are NFTs. In the same way owners of other NFTS can remain publicly anonymous, users who own ENS names are able to do the same.

Since there is an Ethereum address that owns the name, is there any way to contact the owner that way?

There are a few things you could try:

  • Look up the wallet address on secondary NFT markets like OpenSea. Check for any social information or activity. You may be able to contact them there, or even make an offer for trade on the name.

  • Query the name on social media sites like Twitter. Sometimes users will attach their .eth name to their Twitter handle.

  • Etherscan has a messaging service called “Blockscan Chat”, which allows wallet to wallet messaging. If the wallet owner logs into Etherscan, they will be able to see messages sent to them.

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