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How to Wrap name

Wrap your name using the name wrapper.

Updated over a week ago

The Namewrapper is a contract for ENS that allows you to "wrap" any ENS name into a ERC-1155 NFT, and enables more functionality to subnames. Read more in the Name Wrapper Overview

Names registered on are automatically wrapped.

If i wrap my name, can I unwrap it later?

Provided you have not burnt special fuses while the name was wrapped; Yes - you can unwrap your name.

Instructions can be found in our Unwrap a name article.


1. Select Wrap Name

Go to More-tab of your name and click the Wrap Name button.

2. Review features, Start and Open Wallet to confirm onchain.

Review the new features, then click the Start-button.

Then Open Wallet and approve onchain transaction.

Wait for the transaction to complete

3. πŸŽ‰ Your name is now wrapped πŸŽ‰

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