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What are .box names?
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What is .box

.box are Domain Name System (DNS) Top Level Domains (TLDs) that have been fully tokenised on the blockchain and enabled via Ethereum Name Service (ENS).

.box domains work with both DNS and ENS. All registrations and transfers are onchain, and the owner of the NFT owns both the DNS and ENS name.

.box is owned and operated by Intercap Registry Inc, an ICANN Accredited Registry Operator.

.box on the ENS Manager App

"ENS Labs has partnered with Intercap to bring .box domains to the ENS Manager App, marking the first time an ICANN approved top-level domain (TLD) has been integrated in this dynamic platform."

Documentation & Support


Can i set my .box as my primary name using the ENS Manager App?

Yes, this can be done in the Profile-tab of the .box name. See How to Set as Primary Name

Why can't i see my .box name in the my names page?

.box do not currently show up in the my names page. To navigate to your name, use the search bar. See Search Bar & Name Status

How much are .box names?

.box domains have different registration and renewal pricing than .eth names. Renewal pricing for all .box domains is $120 per year.

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