How to set an Avatar

How to easily set an avatar on your ENS name!

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What does it do?

The avatar record allows you to select a custom background image for your ENS name metadata to display in services that support it.

Without the Avatar set

With the Avatar set

Ways to set your Avatar

There are three methods to set your Avatar

  1. Select NFT from your wallet

  2. Upload Image from your device

  3. Paste url into the avatar field using records-tab

Each method will have the image pulled into dApps as your web3 avatar, while also updating your ENS NFT background.

A) Method: Select NFT

A window will open allowing you to select an Ethereum NFT in your wallet.

B) Method: Upload Image

To upload an image file from your computer, click Upload Image and select an image file from your computer to upload.

Gasless Avatar changes with 'Upload Image'

The Upload Image option allows for gasless avatar changes after the first transaction. This means that you initiate a gas only transaction the first time, then can use upload image to gaslessly change your avatar as many times as you want in future (for the same name in the same wallet).

The source code for the upload image service is found here:

C) Method: Paste url into avatar field

Paste url into the avatar field of records-tab.


GIFs can work for ENS avatars, but large file sizes might cause issues with some clients or websites, leading to failed or prolonged loading times.

Additionally, it's important to note that using the "upload image" option will automatically convert images to JPG format. If you're looking to use GIFs or SVGs for your avatar, you should upload them to a separate image hosting service that provides a direct public URL. You can then manually paste the url in the avatar field through Records-tab.

How to Set the Avatar (Upload Image)

Search your name on the ENS Manager App and make sure to connect with with the wallet set as Manager for the ENS name you want to manage.

1. Click Edit profile, on the profile tab of your name

2. Click the Camera button

Click the "Camera" button to bring up a sub-menu of options to set your Avatar.

3. Choose how to set your avatar

In the sub-menu you have two options to set the NFT

  1. Select NFT from your wallet

  2. Upload Image from your device

Using method: Upload Image

To upload an image file from your computer, click Upload Image and select an image file from your computer to upload.

4. Select, Resize & Upload

  • Use the slider to crop the image to your liking and click Continue.

Then click Sign and Upload to start the upload process.

  • Your wallet will prompt you to sign.

5. Click Save to save the changes.

Note that this only saves them locally, and the next steps are required to publish it to the blockchain.

6. Open wallet & confirm onchain

Confirm that the changes are correct, and then click Open Wallet and sign the transaction with your wallet to modify the ENS name on-chain.

Once you've signed the transaction in your wallet, wait for the transaction to complete.

The speed of your transaction depends on Ethereum network congestion and the values set for gas on the transaction. The higher you set the gas, the faster it will be performed. If you set the gas too low, the transaction might stall and never complete.

When the transaction has completed your avatar is set. Click Done to go back to the ENS name page.

Congratulations! Your avatar is now set and should be visible from the ENS name page!

How to Set the Avatar (Paste url)

To set Avatar using an image hosting service, you will manually create the avatar record and paste your url.

  1. Go to the records-tab and click 'edit records'

  2. Click 'add record'

  3. Input the heading 'avatar' and press Enter.

  4. Input your avatar link

  5. Click save, then confirm changes onchain.

Verify that it works

Now try using a few different services to see your new avatar in action! Here's how it looks in a few popular services.

View on ENS Manager App

The ENS Manager App will show your Avatar in the top-right corner, along with your wallet address.

View on Uniswap

Uniswap's App will show your Avatar in the top-right corner as well!

View on OpenSea

OpenSea does not show your avatar the same way other sites do, because they have their own profile picture-settings, but they do show avatars set on ENS names if you go to the ENS name itself.

This is useful if you want to make your ENS name stand out. If you dont see your avatar you may first need to refresh metadata on OpenSea


If you're encountering problems you might find your issue addressed below!

The image on the avatar doesn't cover the entire background!

In order for the image set as the avatar to cover the entire background it needs to be square. If the image appears on your avatar with a border on sides or on the top, that's because you've set an image that isn't square (of equal width and height).

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