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Frequently Asked Questions

Unable to interact with smart contracts​

Enable Blind signing (formerly called Contract Data)​

Interacting with smart contracts such as ENS using your Ledger requires Blind signing to be enabled on your device.

  • Start and unlock your Ledger Nano S or X.

  • Open the Ethereum App.

  • Go to Settings β†’ Blind signing and press both buttons to enable it.

Now you should be able to interact with smart contracts and ENS.

This setting resets every time the Ledger hardware device is updated.

Metamask bridge​

Sometimes the Metamask-Ledger bridge loses contact with the Ledger device, resulting in transactions that are never prompted for confirmation on the Ledger device, and which show up in the Metamask UI as "pending" in perpetuity.

These transactions are never broadcast on-chain and needs to be cleared in Metamask.

For information on how to clear stuck transactions in Metamask, see

Once you have cleared the stuck transactions, disconnect your Ledger device restart your browser. Finally, reconnect your Ledger and retry the transactions.

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