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Metamask suffers from several known bugs documented below.

Metamask browser extension

Clearing stuck transactions (due to UI bug)

Sometimes transactions in Metamask can get stuck without being performed. You can verify whether a transaction is stuck in Metamask or not by looking up your wallet on Etherscan and comparing the transactions there to the ones visible in your wallet.

Transactions can get stuck in Metamask due to a bug in the UI. This is not the same as transactions that have stalled due to too low gas fees.

To clear transactions stuck in Metamask you'll have to reset the wallet. Do this by opening up Metamask and then click the multi-coloured circle to enter the settings panel.

Go to Settings Advanced Reset Account and confirm.

Unknown ENS name

MetaMask gets its ENS name metadata from OpenSea APIs, which sometimes experience delays in updating new data from the blockchain.

These delays can cause ENS names in MetaMask to show up as "unknown". To fix this follow the instructions in:

Doesn't show ENS tokens

Metamask may not show ENS governance tokens by default.

To show them,

  • click on Assets, and then Refresh list.

You will see a notification that Metamask has found a new token for the wallet.

  • Next, click Import.

Be sure the imported ENS token address is: 0xC18360217D8F7Ab5e7c516566761Ea12Ce7F9D72

Avoid interacting or importing tokens that are unknown, as they could be scam tokens.

For more information on token scams, see

Now your ENS voting tokens and/or ENS domain tokens should be visible in your Metamask wallet.

Exaggerated gas costs

Metamask has a known bug where users are shown an incredibly high gas fee estimate if there isn't enough ETH in the wallet to cover the actual transaction costs.

This can be solved by transferring more ETH into the wallet to cover the actual transaction cost,

which should be a lot less than what Metamask shows when it's encountering this bug.

Metamask mobile wallet

Metamask mobile is a self-custody wallet for your mobile phone, which allows users to manage their own private keys to the wallet and any coins/tokens stored in it.

This app is not to be confused with the Metamask browser extension.

For help with the Metamask browser extension see the section at the top instead, named "Metamask Browser Extension"

Clearing data in Metamask doesn't work

There is an open issue for Metamask Mobile where attempting to clear the cache, cookies or other data fail when the user tries to clear them in settings.

The issue also causes cached pages to not be updated, leading to displaying old versions of dApps. The only known solution is to either reinstall Metamask or to preferably to use a dedicated browser app.

Brave, Chrome and Safari tend to work better than the built-in browsers within mobile wallet apps.

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