How to Edit Roles

Update Owner, Manager, ETH record with "Edit Roles" button

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The "Edit Roles" button is for individually updating ETH Address, Manager (for unwrapped names) and Owner.

The Edit Roles flow allows the custom selection of roles and transferring them to the same, or different, wallet address.

For a simplified flow that sends an ENS name [ETH address, Manager & Owner] to the same address, use the "Send" button also located in the Ownership-tab.

What are Owner, Manager and ETH Address?

Owner: ​The owner of the ENS name - the wallet that hold the ENS name NFT.
​Manager: ​The manager of records - the wallet allowed to make changes to its records (but not transfer the name)
​ETH Address:The wallet address the ENS name points to - where funds sent to a name are received.

Why don't I have a manager?

Names wrapped in the name wrapper do not have manager. Names registered via are automatically wrapped. More information here.


1. Select Edit Roles

Go to ownership-tab of your name and click the Edit Roles button.

2. Select custom Roles changes

Click Change on desired role to update

Enter and select the recipient ENS name or Ethereum address.

Repeat for any other roles you want to Change. Then click Save.

3. Open wallet and confirm onchain (up to 3 times)

Then Open Wallet to approve up to three onchain transactions in order of:

  • Update ETH address to this address

  • Send Manager

  • Send Owner (not shown in this example)

Wait for the transaction to complete, click next and then open wallet for next transaction

4. πŸŽ‰ Roles will update and show in the app. πŸŽ‰

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