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How to disassociate a .eth name
How to disassociate a .eth name

Step-by-Step Guide: How to disassociate a .eth name

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We often get the question if it's possible to 'release', 'burn', or 'destroy' a registered ENS name from a wallet address. While this isn't possible you can take steps to disassociate it from your wallet.

This guide is for those whose ENS name is resolving their wallet address or who want to remove all the records from the ENS name.

How to disassociate a name from a wallet

1. Create a new wallet

Use your wallet app to create a new wallet you'll use as a 'burner'

We highly recommend creating your own burner wallet and saving the private keys, rather than using the Ethereum burn Address (0x000...00000). This ensures you have access if the name needs to be recovered in future or to correct any mistakes.

2. Access the Manager App

Navigate to, and connect the wallet that owns the name. Once logged in, click on the "My Names" button and select the ENS name you wish to disassociate.

3. Reset Profile & Send Name

Prerequisite for unwrapped names:

If the Manager address is different to the Owner, you will need to sync manager first.

In this section you will be sending the name, and resetting the profile.

  • Send button will allow you to change ETH Address, Manager and Owner

  • Reset profile slider will allow you to remove any other profile records on the name.

Navigate to the Ownership-tab of your name and select the Send button

Input the new address that will receive the name

Activate the slider button for Reset Profile

Slider will not appear when:

  • For unwrapped names; the manager is not synced, OR you have AND there are no profile records to clear.

  • For wrapped names; there are no profile records to clear.

Review the Summary of changes, and then click Send

The summary should include:

  • Update Owner...

  • Update Manager... (if unwrapped name)

  • Update ETH Record...

  • Remove Profile Records... (if applicable)

Review the warning and click I Understand to proceed with the transaction.

Next, you will submit multiple transactions for each Summary item. Click Open wallet to confirm onchain transactions, then Next to proceed through each one.

Summary of expected onchain actions, in order:

  • "Reset profile with records" (If applicable), otherwise "Update ETH Record"

  • "Send Manager" (if unwrapped name)

  • "Send Owner"

After all transactions go through successfully, the ENS name will disassociate from your wallet.

4. Optional: Clear the Primary name set on your old wallet

The primary name set on your old wallet stops working when the ETH Address-record is set to a different wallet, but technically speaking the primary is still set in your wallet.

To clear the primary name of a wallet, use the tool at

  • Tick checkbox "Clear Primary Name"

  • Input the address

  • Click "Clear Primary Name", and confirm onchain.

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