How to create Subnames
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When you register a name you are registering a .eth 2LD (second-level domains, like ens.eth) which is on the TLD (Top-level domain) .eth.

These ENS names can create subnames - examples: name.eth may create

Subnames can be created on both unwrapped and wrapped names. However the name wrapper contract allows for these subnames to be ERC-1155 NFTs. Read more in the Name Wrapper Overview, and review other articles in the Name Wrapper collection.

For specific subname use cases, utilising the Name Wrapper 🚨permanent fuses🚨, see:


1: Create Subname

Go to the Subnames-tab of your name and click the "+ New subname" button.

2. Type in the Subname to be created

There are no registration fees or limit to the number of Subnames that can be created. It will only cost gas to do.

3. Open wallet and confirm onchain.

4. 🎉Your Subname is created🎉

The Subname is now created.

5: View the Subname's profile & add records like ETH Address

You may now choose to add other records to your name, including the ETH address which is not added during creation. Read more about the The ETH Address record.

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