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Add a Wallet Address

Add a wallet address to your ENS name

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to add a wallet address to your ENS name.

What does it do?

Your ENS name is capable of storing a large number of wallet addresses across different blockchains, which can be added from the ENS Manager App, allowing you to receive payments in more cryptocurrencies than just Ethereum, provided that the service or wallet used supports it.

Add an Ethereum Wallet

In this section, you will learn how to add an Ethereum wallet to your ENS name. This is the wallet ETH will end up in when sent to your ENS name. It also is a prerequisite to setting the Primary name in a wallet.

  • Points your ENS name to an Ethereum wallet address

  • Is a requirement before setting the Primary Name

Go to the ENS Manager App with the wallet set as Manager for the ENS name you want to manage and click Names to bring up a list of your ENS names or search for an ENS name you own directly from the main page.

Click the ENS name you want to add records to.

Click Edit profile.

Click on + Add more to Profile.

Scroll down and select the ETH option in the Address-section and click Add.

Type in the Ethereum wallet address you want to add to your ENS name and click Save.

Click Open Wallet and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Wait for the transaction to finish.

When you see Transaction Complete the transaction has been confirmed and your wallet address has been added to your ENS name.

Congratulations, your ENS name now has your new wallet address attached to it!

Add other wallets

Several other types of wallet addresses can be added from the Addresses tab in the ENS Manager by searching for them:

For more detailed information on how to set a record, see

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