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View My Names

To view your names on, make sure your wallet address is connected, and simply click the "My Names" button in the header of any page. This will take you to the list of names where your address is either manager or owner.

View any address by entering it into the name search bar. Or directly into the url.


Navigating the page

On the "My Names" page you can:

  • View your roles as manager and owner

  • View the expiration, or remaining grace period, of names

  • Locate with ease using the search bar

  • Sort by creation date, expiry date, or alphabetically, in both ascending and descending order

  • Select multiple names for bulk extending (Read the How to Bulk Extend/Renew article)

What roles are visible



More info

Has Owner & Manager

This name is unwrapped

Has Owner only

This name is a wrapped name

Has Manager only

This name is a subname

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