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How to use your .eth name in Farcaster
How to use your .eth name in Farcaster
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Farcaster Usernames

A Farcaster account needs a username so it can be found and mentioned by other users. Farcaster uses the Ethereum Name Service to manage usernames.

ENS usernames are owned by Ethereum addresses, just like Farcaster accounts. The difference is that an address can own multiple ENS names, so the Farcaster account must specify the name it wishes to use. Names must be less than 17 characters with only lowercase alphabets, numbers or hyphens to prevent homoglyph attacks.

Two kinds of ENS names are supported:

  • Offchain ENS Names: free and controlled by farcaster. (e.g. @alice)

  • Onchain ENS Names: costs money and controlled by your wallet. (e.g. @alice.eth)

Find more information in the Farcaster docs: Usernames, and ENS Names

Prerequisite to using your ENS name:

ENS Name has an ETH Address Record

For an ENS name to work as a receiving address it must have an ETH Address record. To update this, follow the guide How to Edit Roles

Farcaster Verified Address is the same as the ETH Address Record

Farcaster supports proof of ownership of an Ethereum account to your profile. You can use any .eth name that resolves to a connected address on your farcaster account. This means that ETH address record and your Farcaster connected address will be the same.


Step by Step guide to adding your .eth name in Farcaster

This guide was written using by Dylan Meador (BDL.ETH) and first appeared in his 5 piece thread on warpcast

Want to see how easy it is to add any ENS domain you own as your username here on Farcaster?

  • Go to your profile

  • Click Edit Profile

  • Click on your username

  • Click ADD ENS

  • Enter your .eth

  • Press Add

You are ready to roll!!

Also, you won't give up your current Farcaster @ either!! Woo!!!

Step 1 - Go to your profile page and select "Edit Profile"

Cast image embed

Step 2 - Tap on your Username

Cast image embed

Step 3 - Select "Add ENS name"

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Step 4 - Type in any .eth name you own and hit add.

No signature will be prompted. Everything is entirely in app

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